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With my work I aim for breaking the border between sign and significance forcing the viewer to see something that before was invisible.
This project is about freedom, movement and structures.

Spring 2018 artist in residency at Docking Station (Amsterdam), find more about the residency here.

What were the secrets of the animal’s likeness with, and unlikeness from man?
The secrets whose existence man recognised as soon as he intercepted an animal’s look. 
In one sense the whole of anthropology,
concerned with the passage from nature to culture,
is an answer to that question.

John Berger, Why Look at Animals?

Bridges are Beautiful is a research about a migration system breaking all european borders. This system is made by a network of bridges connecting all over Europe. They are made in order to preserve and support the biodiversity.

This network as a lot to do with the concept of Utopia, indeed in the Italian Enciclopedia (vol.XXXIV, 1937) Delio Cantimori gives as Utopia’s meaning peaceful reorganization of Europe.
Moreover the Superstudio in the 70’s designed The Continuous Monument telling us that extending a single piece of architecture over the entire world is possible to put cosmic order on earth.

The network of bridges is a project of reunification and integration, made in order to connect and to break borders.

In European history, borders have had an importance unknown to other civilizations. Whereas in the Islamic, Indian and Chinese worlds the norm has been that of a formal or informal Empire that controlled the whole region, in the Old Continent, since at least the XV Century, the norm has been a more anarchic and pluralistic situation, in which  various greater and lesser powers coexisted with one another. (Filippo Andreatta, Borders to connect)

As we see this infrastructure has a great structure, well organized trough a control system. Through this monitoring system those who pass through the infrastructure are transposed.

The notion of control/uncontrollability hides conditions of existence that are not explicitly acknowledged and it puts a question mark on the current events, concerning in particular our continent: the United Europe.