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Giovane Fotografia Italiana Prize- Fotografia Europea Reggio Emilia


I’m extremely excited and thankful to announce that I was awarded the Giovane Fotografia Italiana Prize at FOTOGRAFIA EUROPEA – Reggio Emilia. The jury composed of Walter Guadagnini (artistic director of the festival), Federica Chiocchetti (The Photocaptionist) and Stefania Scarpini (project manager Peep-Hole Milan and editor at Humboldt Books) selected “Are they Rocks or Clouds?” for the first edition of this award.

The project will be on show till the 17th of June at Spazio U30Cinque – FOTOGRAFIA EUROPEA – Reggio Emilia.

ACTIVISM – Giovane Fotografia Italiana #06

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‘Are they Rocks or Clodus?’ is nominated together other six projects (and among 136 candidatures) for ACTIVISM – Giovane Fotografia Italiana #06. The jury was composed by Daniele De Luigi, Carine Dolek and Shoair Mavlian. The project will be on show during FOTOGRAFIA EUROPEA – Reggio Emilia 2018 edition | REVOLUTIONS. Upheavals, Changes, Utopias.