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Domus 1000

1km is published in Domus 1000 in the section curated by Mario Bellini and designed by Leonardo Sonnoli.

06.06.2014 DOMUS / Innesti Grafting, Cino Zucchi


In the body of the city

The curator of the Italian Pavilion at the 14th Venice Biennale, Cino Zucchi, describes it to Domus as an architectural project proper.

Fotografie: Marina Caneve

28.03.2013 degree / a kilometer without limits


DEGREE/ A KILOMETER WITHOUT LIMITS. PHOTOGRAPHY AND URBAN PLANNING IN AN URBAN REMODELAGE. IUAV+guido guidi+silvia casi (atelier castro) thanks to mariano andreani, enrico fontanari and luisa siotto

i owned my degree in architecture and environmental sustainability, 110/110.