Are They Rocks or Clouds? – The knowledge defect

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On show at Emerging Talents, Mattatio Testaccio, Roma 07.12.18-09.01.19

Awarded of the Giovane Fotografia Italiana Prize at FOTOGRAFIA EUROPEA – Reggio Emilia
Awarded of the Cortona On The Move Book Dummy Award
Shortlisted for the Unseen Dummy Award 2017 and for La Fàbrica – Photo London Book Dummy Award

Due to the fact that natural catastrophic events have a return period we might hypothesize that a catastrophe is supposed to happen where another event already occurred.

Nature failure is inevitable,
we can only face it.

“Are they rocks or clouds? – The knowledge defect” represents a lack of understanding that brings us to a state of vulnerability. In my work I deal with the inevitable making use of  observation, memories and a knowledge originated from an interdisciplinary approach.

The archival material come from private archives and represents how inhabitants perceived the catastrophes in the past. The project is made in collaboration with the geologist Emiliano Oddone and the anthropologist Annibale Salsa.